Where modernity, class and Italian style meet
The historic structure of The GombitHotel, with its fine ceilings and elegant flooring, houses unique details that reflect a modern, minimalist style.

Rooms have been restyled and decorated using natural materials with colour tones inspired by nature. All areas feature high-profile items to promote a sense of well-being and comfort.

The design art of top Italian designer Giò Pozzi imbues the GombitHotel with simple lines and eye-pleasing details to strike a perfect balance between the ancient part of the building and its 21st century urban context.

The essential nature of the hotel’s style and décor is set off with soft colours and precious materials. The many details and soft tones give a deep sense of relaxation in full Italian style – a key element aimed to create a homely ambience.
 The GombitHotel is appointed with class. Guests enjoy an atmosphere in which top Italian style is combined with international character in pursuit of excellence.