Bergamo and Brescia Capitols of Culture 2023


Bergamo e Brescia capitali della cultura 2023

Throughout 2023, the spotlight will be on Bergamo and Brescia, with events, exhibitions, demonstrations that will tell an "enlightened" vision of the future.

Bergamo and Brescia are fast approaching the appointment with 2023, when they will be together, the Italian Capitals of Culture.

A collaborative project that is not intended to be just a year-long review of events, but which aims to lay the basis for a vision of solidarity and human-scale development, and which was born from the desire to offer an alternative narrative to the violence with which the Covid-19 pandemic broke into these territories.

The theme is that of the "Illuminated City": a Capital of Culture is alluded to as a lighthouse, a point of reference, open to the light of reason, lively and animated, capable of transforming operations into positive energy.

The planning that will accompany the events and initiatives throughout 2023 in the two cities will be divided into four areas:

  • culture as a cure
  • the city of nature
  • the city of hidden treasures
  • the city that invents

2023 will therefore be a year of celebration for Bergamo and Brescia, ready to welcome, to restart, and to testify how science and humanism can embrace each other to respond effectively, creatively and in solidarity to the challenges of the future.

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