Admire the harmonious beauty of Piazza Vecchia, the jewel of Bergamo Alta

Piazza vecchia, Bergamo

Ammirare l'armoniosa bellezza di Piazza Vecchia, il gioiello di Bergamo Alta

With its harmonic and perfect geometry and the majestic buildings that overlook it, Piazza Vecchia is a real architectural masterpiece, a symbol of the upper town.

Built in the same position as the ancient Roman forum, the Piazza became the center of the city in the Middle Ages, and for centuries retained the fulcrum of political power. To this day it continues to be Bergamo's parlor, where people meet and live the free time.

The square is overlooked by majestic and imposing buildings, from different eras, but which on the whole contribute to creating a perfect harmony, with a truly stunning glance. It was Le Corbusier, admiring its beauty, to exclaim " You can't no longer even touch a stone, it would be a crime! "

Among the most important buildings, the 12th century Palazzo della Ragione and the Civic Bell Tower, known as “il Campanone” (the great bell), stand out.

Two curiosities related to these buildings: under the Palazzo della Ragione there is an ancient sundial. At 12.00 o'clock the ray that filters through the hole in the shield hanging from the arches will show you the date and the zodiac sign. At 22.00, however, if you find yourself in the Piazza, get ready for the tolling of the Campanone: you will hear a hundred!

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